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EVER WONDERED why actors don’t wear green onstage?

Or never wish each other “good luck”? Or avoid whistling in the dressing room? Or refuse

to mention a certain

Shakespeare play by its name?''


“Break a Leg!” A Treasury of Theatre Traditions and Superstitions is a fascinating compendium of facts and fancies about theatre life, exploring the origin of the colorful traditions and superstitions that are as vital a part of theatre as the plays onstage.


“Break a Leg!” is the perfect Opening Night gift for your favorite theatre friends or anyone interested in theatre life and lore.

L.E. McCullough started writing about Irish Traditional Music in 1974. He hasn’t stopped yet.


"A wide-ranging tour guide of the many unusual places L.E. McCullough has visited in search of the Irish music grail, and the hundreds of other performers, session-attenders and concert-goers met along the way."


29 Yuletide favorites ... performed in lilting Irish & Scots style on bagpipes, tinwhistle, guitar, keyboard ...

"The perfect musical stocking-stuffer!"

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Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond contains 41,000 words about Elvis Presley spoken by a man who knew Elvis before and after he became an icon, a commodity, a legend.

Lamar Fike’s connection with Elvis dated from early 1954 (just before Elvis’ first history-making Sun records) until the day Elvis died in 1977. 

Millions of people still want to know intimate details of Elvis’ life: 


   * What did he think about his music?

   * What did he really do behind the

      walls of Graceland?

   * What were his final thoughts the

      day he died?


YOU'LL FIND the answers here.

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Bridge to the Sacred is a sampling of shared wisdom for

all of us seeking comfort and encouragement as we deal with the challenges of everyday life.

"This is a book you keep on

your nightstand and read a little each night. In a troubled world

we need this to adjust our thoughts to the positive."

“A lot of CDs promise Celtic, but few deliver such an authentic and enchanting experience as A Celtic Christmas. The rich acoustic textures and pleasant musicality of these arrangements quickly warmed me up to the virtues of this record.


“Featuring a tremendously talented group of contemporary folk musicians, A Celtic Christmas resonates with the sounds of the British Isles."