"Break a Leg!"

A Treasury of Theatre Traditions and Superstitions


. . . is a fascinating compendium of facts and fancies about theatre life, exploring the origin of the colorful traditions and superstitions that are as vital a part of theatre as the plays onstage.


Includes entries on


Cats, Candles & Curtains  •  Peacock, Mirrors & Make-up  •  The Gypsy Robe Flowers, Jewelry & Thread  •  The Ghost Light  •  Opening Night   

Why Is It Called “the Green Room”?  •  Don’t Quote the Scottish Play! 

St. Genesius & Other Saintly Aids to Actors  •  Unusual Theatre Terms 

Famous Actors and Their Superstitions  •  Bad Dress, Good Show

Stage Turkeys and the Notorious Broadway Moose •  Theatre Ghosts  

Edmund Kean's Most Peculiar Charm  •  Who the Heck Is Walter Plinge?

. . . and much more!


What goes on behind the curtain is often as fascinating as what happens before the audience.


Read on and enter a world of mystery and magic!