•   Adversity

  •   Anger

  •   Charity          

  •   Contentment

  •   Courage

  •   Depression

  •   Encouragement

  •   Eternity

  •   Faith

  •   Fear 

  •   For Those about to Pass Away

  •   Forgiveness

  •   Friendship

  •   Gratitude

  •   Grief

  •   Hate

  •   Hope

  •   In Memory of Those Who Have

           Passed Away

  •   In Times of Illness

  •   Loneliness

  •   Love

  •   Marriage

  •   Mercy

  •   Moral Strength

  •   Obedience

  •   Our Children

  •   Our Leaders

  •   Patience

  •   Peace

  •   Prosperity

  •   Responsibility

  •   Safe Travel

  •   Salvation

  •   Security

  •   Service

  •   Solace

  •   Spiritual Growth

  •   Temptation

  •   To Praise God

  •   Wisdom

Bridge to the Sacred

is profusely illustrated with 46 color photos

of Rev. Bansavage’s Interfaith Prayer Garden, an Asian-themed ceremonial space

and sanctuary.

The vivid natural images provide readers with a serene visual element

that enhances the inspirational texts.

 “Prayer is the song

of the heart.”

— Kahlil Gibran

Bridge to the Sacred:  A Collection of Interfaith Prayers presents 200 prayers and meditations for daily renewal chosen from spiritual writings around the globe and across the centuries.

Faith sources represented include Baha’i, Buddhist, CaoDai, Confucian, Gaian, Hasidic, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Taoist, Mormon, Muslim, Sufi, Unity and Zoroastrian along with native and national traditions — Babylonian, Egyptian, Hopi, Inuit, Irish, Mayan, Navajo, Scots-Gaelic, Sioux and Yoruba.


Christian entries encompass Roman Catholic, Mozarabic and Eastern Orthodox denominations along with prayers of Anglican, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Puritan, Reformed Church in America, Society of Friends and United Church of Christ origin.

"The act of praying is the very highest energy of which the human mind is capable.”

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Bridge to the Sacred ~