NEARLY 40 YEARS after his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the most intriguing

human beings of the last century.


Millions of people still want to know intimate details of Elvis’ life: 


   * What did he think about his music?

   * What did he really do behind the walls of Graceland?

   * What were his final thoughts the day he died?


We have the answers here.

Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond is a book of intimate recollections from a 23-year

friendship that attempts to answer a single question:  what was it like to be Elvis?


Lamar Fike’s connection with Elvis dated from early 1954 (just before Elvis’ first

history-making Sun records) until the day Elvis died in 1977.


Lamar was there for the entire ride:  Hollywood, the Army, Las Vegas and everything

in-between. Yet until Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond, Lamar Fike never had the chance

to tell the full story — one-on-one — of his remarkable friendship with the world’s greatest music star.

Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond contains 41,000 words about Elvis spoken by a man who knew Elvis before and after he became an icon, a commodity, a legend.

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