EXCERPTS from Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond ...

"The FBI had a continuous surveillance on him. Hoover didn’t trust him. Hoover had a dossier on Elvis thicker than that damn TV set."

"I think Vegas had more to do with Elvis’ death than anything. It caused him a lot of problems. He was just working. The Colonel had gambled so much that Elvis felt like he was paying his bills, and he didn’t like it. At the end, before Elvis died, their relationship was really thin."

"In my life, I don’t believe I’ve ever had anything scare me or frighten me or make me more uncomfortable than that last year of Elvis' life. It was like living on a razorblade. It was just that scary. It was like being a fireman and the fires never went out. You were scared to breathe."


"We'd top the road on our motorcycles, and we’d open them wide open to see how fast we could get. He’d reach over and grab my hand, I’d grab his. And the throttle hands were still on the throttle. And we’d see who would turn chicken before we turned into the driveway. We were young, 23-24 years old. You never think you’re going to die."

Lamar Head Shot.jpg

Lamar Fike, c. 1980.

Photo courtesy of

Estate of Lamar Fike.

"Gladys said, 'Always remember when Elvis gets in a fight with you, it’s from the mouth out.' It was her favorite expression. She said, 'He doesn’t mean it. It’s not from the heart. It’s from the mouth. It’s not coming from his heart.'”


"Elvis was a nova exploding off of the old star and becoming thousands of times brighter than the original, and the brightness lights up everything around. He was a child of destiny, regardless of whether he wanted it or not.  At times he really didn’t want it."

"Every day, there is something on Elvis in my life. It’s just, he talks to me. I’ve had him wake me up in the middle of night screaming my name out. I've stood up straight in the middle of bed. Used to scare my ex-wife to death."

INCLUDES Tributes & Reminiscences from:  Ray Baker • Jimmy Bowen • Jerry Chesnut • Kenny Davis • Kevin Eggers •

Mary Jane Eller • Eddie Kilroy • Brenda Lee • Nancee Margison • Tommy McDonald • Charles Thomas Rogers • Pat Rolfe • 

Bill Sparkman • Little David Wilkins • Anita Wood   §   PLUS A special Foreword by Marty Lacker.